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Each one of these Silver Thread tapestries represents at least 5000 sewing hours clocked up by an army of volunteers.

The final inspiration of Walsall Council’s Creative Development Team, the project ran for nearly a year and involved hundreds of local people, both as storytellers and sewers.

People came from far and wide during the first three months of the project, to have their say on what should feature in each tapestry. Artist Hunt Emerson turned their stories into illustrations which were then loving stitched into more than 12 square metres of fabric.

Each tapestry features a different area of the borough, capturing Walsall’s living history and diverse geographical communities.

The project was the brainchild of Creative Development Team Manager Maxwell Bailey who wrote a successful funding bid to Arts Council England. Sadly Max died before seeing the final tapestries completed, having fought a four-year battle with cancer but this exhibition is dedicated to his memory.

mac is proud to be a part of the tour of these incredible tapestries, presented here alongside other works by Hunt Emerson.

See www.creativefactory.org.uk for details on upcoming tour venues.

Hunt Emerson

Hunt Emerson is renowned internationally as a cartoonist of great worth and much amusement. His works are collected, translated and available as books in countless languages. From The Big Book of Everything through to The Beano, onto his evergreen adaptations such as The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Lady's Chatterley's Lover and a recent digital collection of his complete works; each are evidence of his talent and that his work continues to hold universal appeal. His contributions to the region’s cultural scene began back in the 70s with the Birmingham Arts Lab and remain evident to this day through his involvement with The Walsall Silver Threads Tapestries. Hunt Emerson Website: www.largecow.com

The Birmingham Comics Festival

The Birmingham Comics Festival is a series of citywide comics-related events held annually, both large and small; from fun days out for the kids to evening activities for grown-ups and a free convention with amazing guests that absolutely everyone can enjoy. For the third year running, mac Birmingham joins with The Birmingham Comics Festival to host a series of exciting rarely-seen films followed by what promise to be revealing talks, plus this unique exhibition that features both the work of cartoonist Hunt Emerson and The Walsall Silver Threads Tapestries. The Birmingham Comics Festival Website: www.birminghamcomicsfestival.c...