Privacy policy

What data does MAC hold?

  • Name
  • contact details
  • date of birth
  • your booking and/or donation history with us*
  • any other information you share with us as part of your interaction with MAC
    (e.g. access needs, dietary requirements) 
  • we keep a record of the mailings and emails we send you, and we may track whether you receive or open them so we can make sure we are sending you the most relevant information. We may then track any subsequent actions online, such as buying a ticket.

Sensitive information
Sometimes we ask you to provide sensitive information, for example when you book for certain events or participate in some activities, or when you apply for a job. As with all the personal information we hold, sensitive information is held securely and restricted to those who need to use it. We will delete sensitive information when we no longer need it.

* We maintain a record of your transaction history, but we never store your card number (although we may keep a note of the last four digits to help us identify transactions).