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Hidden Voices Toolkit - Activities

The following resources accompany some of the activities in your Hidden Voices Toolkit. You can watch the videos or listen to the audio tracks by clicking on each one below.

Hidden Voices Toolkit - Audio Tracks

Hidden Voices Toolkit - Video Activities

Activity 3 - Electronic Drum Machines

Activity 4 - And...Breathe! - Breathing for Singing

Activity 5 - Singing Essentials - Warm ups for singing

Activity 7 - How to access Spotify, YouTube and Downloading

Activity 10 - Listening To Worlds Music - "Samai Hijaz"

Activity 11 - Sing, sing, sing!

Activity 12 - "Fight Song" with Makaton

Activity 13 - Music Traditions - Shelly Quarmby & No Limits "Masibulele Ku Jesu"

If you have any queries about any of these resources, please get in touch with oliver.smith@macbirmingham.co.uk