Farina Noorani, Shah Jahan Mosque, 2020

"I suspect we’ve all been yearning for (a holiday) lately, perhaps more than ever before. Holiday art can be so much more than a record of places we visit. It can be our guide to a happier life." - Grayson Perry

Featured Artist: Katy Wix

"What I’m imagining is it’s me on holiday, maybe kind of sat on the beach in a moment of quiet contemplation. A sort of sweet melancholy whilst watching the waves." - Katy Wix

Joe Lycett, The Daily Plop, 2022; Gill Guy Edwards & Jane Keen, The Christmas House, 2022; Katy Wix, My Thoughts, 2021; Denzil Forrester, Moving Heads, 1986; Philippa Perry, Holiday, 2022; Dan Wakeman, Octopus, 2021; Gemma O'Malley, The Return Journey, 2022; Farina Noorani, Shah Jahan Mosque, 2020.