About Us


We constantly adapt our practice to meet the needs of the young people we engage and have been incredibly lucky to work with a fantastic group of talented and committed music leaders. We offer a wide ranging CPD programme to ensure that we can continue to offer good quality, inclusive provision.

  • Youth Music Quality Framework - Music Leaders incorporate Youth Music’ quality framework into their planning and reflective practice.
  • Social, Emotional, and Mental Health - We support our Music Leader workforce to increase their knowledge and understanding of the needs and associated behaviours of children and young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.
  • Music Leader Practice – We support Music Leaders to adapt their practice to become more young-person centred, use new skills and strategies to promote a positive learning environment, and support progression
  • High Quality Music Activities – We aim to ensure that music activities are perceived to be of a high quality by participants and observers. 

“I got to go to the studio. It was very positive, everything was perfect. I would like to have more time in the studio and that environment. I am avid about music and I believe Music Leader OM showed me a great side to music. OM got me interested in another side of music that I didn’t really know about. He got me interested in a new form of music. I like freestyle rapping and for me this is something that I do. I have been trying to get into a studio, so this option made it happen. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. It was brilliant. I would love to have more sessions”.

– Solihull Youth Offending Service Participant