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Youth Voice

We recognise that the sector, including MEHs, must constantly assess how far they meet the needs and wishes of all young people and how flexible the offer is, in order to innovate for the future and support inclusion and diverse engagement.

  • Decision making with young people - Young people are valued, listened to and participate in decision-making during sessions and planning.
  • Utilising existing Youth Voice best practice - Increased knowledge of the existing Youth Voice best practice with a view to increasing Youth Voice activities offered and to a wider breadth of participants.
  • Why and How – Youth Voice - Increased knowledge and understanding of Youth Voice practice, particularly in relation to why and how to do it effectively.

“We had a great, lively group discussion and debate surrounding the name change – we took a vote and participants came up with the new name ‘Variety Jam’ – this was one of the great positives to come from the session – lots of positive contributions from the participants.” 

- DW, Music Leader