MAC Makes Music

Emerging Music Leaders

Shadowing and Mentoring Opportunities

MAC Makes Music offers shadowing opportunities for emerging music leaders who wish to develop hands on experience in working with children and young people. This role involves working alongside an experienced music leader supporting children and young people to take part in group music making activities.

Shadowing musicians will need to hold a current DBS enhanced certificate and will be required to sign an agreement which will outline the agreed schedule of attendance as well as roles and responsibilities. If you are interested in applying for a shadow position then please contact for more information.

Here's an example of the type of shadowing opportunity we offer:

It's a real privilege having the opportunity to be in the Emerging Music Leader role. I've been able to work with and learn from incredibly skilled and experienced leaders such as Dan Whitehouse. Seeing their approach each week has provided me with skills, experience and an understanding I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere else

Alex Lowe, Emerging Music Leader

Information, Advice and Guidance

MAC Makes Music offers one to one advice and guidance for both emerging and experienced music leaders who want to:

  • Find out more about the work of MAC makes music
  • Find more information relating to working as a music leader
  • Explore whether music leading is something you are interested in
  • Discuss suitable professional development opportunities
  • Gain some basic feedback or advice on your own project idea

Please contact with your enquiry.