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Accepting and Working with what the Young People Bring

Wednesday 23rd March 2022  |  4.30-6.30pm GMT |  Zoom

In this the fourth session on musically inclusive pedagogy Phil will look at the conditions, creativity and chaos that young people can bring to a session and suggests that not only do we embrace it but that we use it as the raw material for transformative music making. 

Phil asks ‘Do we really know young people?' and shares research on the adolescent brain. Additionally he ponders whether teenagers habits of staying up late and also getting up late might have once been what saved humanity as a species.

This is the fourth of five online lectures/seminars Dr Phil Mullen will be running in partnership with MAC Makes Music on fundamental ideas in inclusive music practice. The remaining session is listed below;

5. April 4th 4.30pm - 6.30pm - Reflective and Reflexive Practice

Phil believes these are the most important practical concepts in running inclusive sessions. All sessions will explain the concept and why it is important in musically inclusive practice. Phil will give a clear understanding of the skills needed to implement this in a variety of contexts and will provide examples and case studies. He will also provide time to answer any attendees’ questions.

Dr Phil Mullen

Phil Mullen is one of the world’s leading experts on musical inclusion and community music. Phil has worked for thirty-five years developing music with people who are socially excluded. He specializes in working with excluded children and young people at risk. He has run workshops and seminars in 27 countries across Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Phil has been inclusion advisor to the UK’s national Sing Up programme and was also involved as an evaluator for the England’s National Foundation for Youth Music’s nationwide Musical Inclusion programme. He works with music organizations and schools around inclusion training and strategic development on inclusion. Since 2018 Phil has worked with 35 of England’s 122 music hubs, helping them develop strategic approaches to musical inclusion.

Phil has a PHD from Winchester University and has written a number of book chapters on musical inclusion including for the Oxford Handbook of Community Music (2018). 

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