West Midlands Inclusive Choir

West Midlands Inclusive Choir FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I sign up to join the choir? 

The best way to join up is by filling in the registration form for your choir on the Soundabout website. You can find it here: 


If you have any problems filling it in please call Soundabout on 01235 797 747. 

Q2. Which choir shall I join? 

The closest one to you. If there’s no choir in your area, join the West Midlands Inclusive choir.  

Q3. How long does the choir session last? 

Virtual sessions last one hour.  

Face to face sessions last 90 minutes (an hour and a half). This is because we have tea and cake at the end.

Q4. What days do the choirs happen? 


Q5What happens if you are non-verbal?  

The choir celebrates that everyone has their own way of sharing their voice. Here are a few examples of ways you could join in:

  • Using Makaton signing
  • Singing or other vocal noises 
  • Making sounds with an instrument or sound maker  
  • Using technology e.g. an iPad or EyeGaze 
  • Movement and dance 

Q6What can I expect to happen in a choir session? 

Each choir session follows a similar structure: 

  • Hello song  
  • Warm-up 
  • Learning and playing songs 
  • Creating new music from our sounds 
  • Sharing circle (when you can share a song, poem, story, sound or a piece of news!) 
  • Announcements 
  • Goodbye song

You can join in as much or as little as you like.  

Q7. What do I need to bring to the choir? 

There is no need to bring anything, but if you would like to, any of the following list of items might be useful to you:

  • Sound makers 
  • Lyric sheets 
  • Big smile 
  • Soundabout T-Shirt (if you have one and you’d like to wear it) 

If you are joining a virtual choir session you will need a phone or tablet or computer. 

Q8. Does it matter what age you are to join the choirs? 

The choir is open to ages 25 and under.  

Q9. Does it matter what your disability is?  

Definitely not! The choirs are for people of all abilities. We would love it if you could tell us how we can make the sessions more fun and easy to access for you.

Q10. Who are the main leaders? 

Karen and Mariana

Q11. What happens if I don’t have zoom? 

Don’t worry – you can just click the link in the email which will be sent to you the Friday before the session. 

For face-to-face sessions there is no need to have Zoom as we will meet at a venue in your area 

Q12. As we come out of lockdown, will there be some choirs in person? 

Yes, we plan to run choirs in-person when we can but virtual choirs will still be available.  

Q13. How do I find any forms to be filled in? 

You can find all the registration forms here: https://www.soundabout.org.uk/....  If you have any problems filling it in please call the charity on 01235797747. 

Q14. How do we receive the Zoom links? 

They are sent to you via email.

Q15. When do I receive the Zoom links? 

They will be sent to you the Friday before the choir sessions, followed by a reminder shortly before the choirs start on the day of the session.  

If it doesn’t arrive please check your junk email box and if it is not there please get in touch. 

Q16. Who do I contact if I have a question? 

Q17. When do I do my recordings? 

We will always give a clear deadline for when recordings need to be completed (and you will always have at least one week to send them in), but you may complete them whenever suits you best within that timeframe.  

Q18. Will I be able to add my voice or instrument to backing tracks?  

Yes – any and all contributions welcome 

Q19. Can anyone join? 

Yes – the choirs are for everyone.

Q20. What kind of music do you sing?  

We sing a mix of lots of different types of songs. We pick songs based on suggestions that come from our choir members and sometimes write our own! We have also done some collaborations with other choirs such as The King’s Singers and have worked on shared songs with them. All suggestions welcome.  

Q21. Can I keep my camera off in a Zoom session? 

Yes – occasionally we’ll record and if you don’t want to be recorded you can turn your camera off then too. We’ll always make it clear when we are about to record. If you are feeling shy and would like to keep it off, that’s fine too.  

Q22. Does it matter if I miss a session? 

Not at all. We understand that people’s lives are busy and things happen that mean sometimes you can’t attend. 

Q23. Are there opportunities to do solos?  

Yes during our sharing circle just let us know by email, but there is no pressure to share anything.