Inclusive Ensembles

This series of 10 training videos was produced by Community Musician and Singer-Songwriter, Dan Whitehouse, on ways that teachers and Music Leaders can make their music groups and ensembles more inclusive. Dan speaks from his own experience of developing bands in schools and community settings with participants who have a range of different needs. That being said, he takes one inclusive approach which can be applied to any group. This series of videos will prepare you with a range of considerations and new ideas, from room setup, rhythm, lyric and melody writing, singing and confidence, right through to group performances on stage.

Each video contains snippets from Dan’s past sessions, including academic and philosophical ideas on inclusion and equality. He gives plenty of space for you to ruminate on these ideas and consider how they can be applied in your own practice. His ethos is simple: you must always have the participants at the heart of what you do. And, throughout this series of videos, he offers specialist tips and tricks for unlocking the communication needs of each individual, which can lead to some profound social interactions and creative collaborations within the group as a whole.

Another key element to Dan’s approach, discussed within these videos, is how to ensure you, the Music Leader, feel your most confident and relaxed in your practice. He addresses problems that you may encounter and anxieties you may carry, but suggests various ways to overcome them and help you through your inclusive journey.

This series, Inclusive Ensembles with Dan Whitehouse, is available for free, but please complete this short form for your access: