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MAC Makes Music Case Studies

Solihull Music Service, April 2021

We’re really proud to work in close partnership with five Music Education Hubs to support Musical Inclusion across the West Midlands. Over the last few months writer, researcher and specialist in inclusive music practice, Anita Holford, has conducted an insightful case study that shines a light on Solihull Music Service and their journey in to musical inclusion.

Virtual Open Mic, April 2021

The MAC Makes Music Virtual Open Mic began in the summer of 2020 and has evolved over the months in to a performance club that fully embeds the young participants’ voices. When it became clear that we weren’t able to coordinate our regular Open Mic sessions at MAC, we saw no reason that this couldn’t take place online instead. 

Nashita Haque, April 2021

Nashita has been a participant of MAC Makes Music for the last 7 years. She has been an active member of SWITCH, our inclusive band for young people with additional needs, and has performed regularly at our Virtual Open Mic events. Over the last year has adapted well to working online and we have seen a surge in her creativity and confidence.

Dragon X - FLOW Collective, April 2021

Zachariyah Xian has been an active participant of MAC Makes Music since he first joined SWITCH, our inclusive band for young people with additional needs, in 2014. He took on the role as lead singer/rapper and contributed wholeheartedly to the songwriting process.

IRIDIS - FLOW Collective, March 2021

Liz Birch (IRIDIS) came to MAC through a partner organisation, Quench Arts. She was a participant of their Wavelength mental health programme and performed at MAC in June 2018. We were so impressed by her songwriting skills that we recruited her for the National FLOW Collective, an NCIE* programme we support that helps disabled musicians access professional opportunities to help develop their career.