Schools and Pupil Referral Units

Pupil Referral Units

Through its partnerships with City of Birmingham Schools (COBS), MAC Makes Music regularly works with children and young people who are at risk of, or who have, been excluded from school. We provide music making sessions that meet young people’s interests and experiences including their favourite genres of music, and familiar resources such as ipads and downloadable apps.

In addition to learning a range of musical skills, the impact of music making:

  •  Encourages young people to share and work together
  •  Provides a positive outlet for expression
  • Builds confidence and enables personal development

You can listen to their latest compositions here.

This song was created by a group of young people to the theme of Celebration:

And another that celebrates young people’s love of gaming

Comments from students at a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU)

'I am glad I played the piano. I wasn't confident enough last year. Can I have another go please.' Pupil at a PRU

'I think music's really good because you can always feel the grove, and it makes your body want to dance.' Pupil at a PRU

'It made me feel happy. It was getting my emotions out.' Pupil at a PRU

If you are a PRU or offer Alternative Provision and would like to discuss ways of including music education in your programme, please email Jen Loffman

“The most noticeable step in the young people’s progression has been in how they communicate with each other. When the project first started there was a sense of competitiveness amongst the group. They'd never want to share what they'd worked on but now you see the group interacting with each other with such questions as ‘what you working on? Can I have a listen?’ It’s the sense of unity and collaboration that has increased. One of the things that helped this to happen is having the studio day, which is coming up next week. All of the students are young males and there is almost a sense of brotherhood amongst them. None of them want each other to fail next week. That in itself is such a huge step in their team work. I genuinely think that this project has brought them together as friends in a way that a science or maths class wouldn't. We are also on target to achieve 5 bronze arts awards.”  Teacher in a PRU