Primary Schools

Yew Tree Primary School

The Beats Music programme to date has been exploring alternative ways to offer creative music making opportunities for children who struggle to access music in mainstream settings. Music leader, Darren (Daz) Adderley, has been visiting the mainstream school and CEDARS ARP weekly since Spring 2019. Daz has delivered child-centred creative music making in small groups and 1:1, depending on the needs of the children who were present on the day

Aims of Beats Music at Yew Tree 

To enhance music provision across the school for those who struggle to engage, while aiming to:

  • Improve the music and creative skills of CYP 
  • Improve CYP’s self-esteem and self-efficacy 
  • Improve the quality of CYP’s communication and interpersonal/social skills, specifically supporting to express feelings and emotions through music.

What did the music sessions involve?

Lyric writing 

Melody writing 

Musical / Rhythm / Co-ordination games 

Performing & Sharing 


Song writing 




Instrumental work

Child led conducting 

Beatboxing & Rapping 

Call & Response 


Examples of genres and themes explored 

History e.g. Romans, Victorians 

Musical genres e.g. Blues

Geographical influences e.g. Volcanoes, Weather 

Round the World e.g. Japan, Irish folk, Cossack Dancing, African countries, Bulgaria 


Gaming (incl. Minecraft & Pokemon) 

Family favourites e.g. The Beatles and The Muppets 

Topical issues e.g. Climate change 

Feedback from School Staff

Music Leader Reflective Diary Comments

“Everyone made contributions to lyrics and sang, apart from R, who is not quite confident enough yet. He did some beat boxing with me on his own though.” 

“Z is much more focussed and engaged in sessions now, giving positive input and enjoying activities.” 

“X volunteered to do the scathing singing parts, another major step forward for his confidence and self-esteem. Everyone said how fantastic it was and how they enjoyed it. Staff commented that this was the calmest and most engaged the children had been all week.” 

“Asked participants to think of two lyrics that really mean something as a starting point for writing their own song. All calm, focussed for listening session, very interesting to see them all silent and concentrating.”


Participant Case Study

Daz delivered a series of music sessions over the Spring term 2020 at Yew Tree Primary. He was keen to encourage all participants to share their ideas about songs they could sing that related to their own interests and what they were studying at school. In the first session, one participant, R, seemed less confident than others to contribute to the group. Daz began by working with him one-to-one, exploring his interest in beat boxing. In the second session he was more comfortable to take part in group song writing and offered lots of lyrical input. ‘R was much more relaxed and talkative today’, Daz says. ‘He also played percussion when we recorded the song.’ As the term went on he showed great progress, particularly during an activity that involved singing a drone with the whole class, taking turns to listen to the sounds and tell the rest of the class how it made them feel. ‘Excellent focus and singing from all, including R,’ Daz noted. ‘This I a major step forward for him.’ Staff also commented that this was ‘the calmest and most engaged the children had been all week.

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