Special Schools

Baginton Fields School

The MAC Makes Music programme at Baginton Fields Special School in Coventry has been exploring alternative ways to offer creative, inclusive music making opportunities for the children that aim to improve musical, social, and personal development. Music Leader and professional artist, Daz Adderley visited the school in the summer term of 2019 to support the young people to develop bands and create their own music to be performed in a special sharing event at MAC at the end of term.

While the MAC Makes Music Leaders all have different areas of expertise, they all work following Youth Music’s Quality Framework, and use a young-person centred pedagogical approach. They are reflective practitioners who keep diaries after each session to monitor the development of the children and their own professional practice. The music leaders work alongside young musicians to help them find their own unique musical voices.

Musical Objectives

Increase instrumental and vocal skills.

Participants to be able to express themselves musically.

Improve participants knowledge of musical styles, genre and cultures.

Social Objectives

Increased ability for the group to work together.

To help young people build positive relationships with their peers through music.

To help young people use music making activities as a means of self expression.

Personal Objectives

Increased level of patience/control and ability to sustain engagement in activity.

Increased ability to reflect on their own learning.

Young people to share and celebrate their musical achievements with others.

What did the music making sessions involve? 

Lyric writing 

Melody writing 

Musical / Rhythm / Co-ordination games

Performing & Sharing


Song writing 

Composing & Improvising


Instrumental work 

Child led conducting 

Beatboxing & Rapping 

Call & Response 

Examples of Genres Explored 

Music from other cultures 












Examples from Music Leader Diaries

"Without doubt, the most spectacular unexpected outcome happened when we went to the sharing at MAC. Until this point, Kiki had spent most of the sessions running around the room with various items of percussion, not speaking, or engaging in any of the group activities. However, as soon as she saw the microphones set up, she ran straight to one and started to sing. This was a magical moment, as I had not heard her speak before.

Following the success of the performance, I set up microphones and a P.A system at the, school, and we played some karaoke versions of Lady Gaga songs, which she sang along to. It was really interesting to see that a microphone could be the stimulus to bring about such a change."


"The group were good at supporting each other through their nerves and went on to deliver a marvellous performance. The crowd kept calling for encores. This really boosted their confidence and made them feel very special. Lots of dancing from pupils and staff alike. A great atmosphere."

Comments from Staff

"The children really come alive for the music sessions, you can tell that they enjoy it."

“They're really excited at the prospect of playing to the rest of the school."

“Thank you so much for the music sessions this year. Pupils have loved it! The opportunity for L4 to form a proper band and perform both externally and to their peers in school has been a fantastic experience for them. One which I know they will build on both as young people, and of their love for music and performing! Thank you for providing us with this project. We very much appreciate you all at MAC for making this possible.”

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