Special Schools

Regency High School

The MAC Makes Music programme at Regency High School was a band development project for young people with additional needs in Worcestershire. It was delivered by Music Leader and professional artist by Dan Whitehouse. The aim was to help the young people improve their musical, personal and social skills with young-person centred music-making activities, as well as exploring ways to increase access to music making through the use of music technology.

Musical Objectives

Improve use of dynamics.

Participants feel more able to express themselves through music.

Melodic phrasing to add energy.

Personal Objectives

Increase ability to reflect on own learning.

Increase level of patience/control and ability to sustain engagement in an activity (while acknowledging the importance of effort).

Young people share and celebrate their achievements in music with others.

Social Objectives

Foster group debate

Mutual respect

Moral support

Feedback from Staff

“Pupils who were normally non-communicative, were more readily to sing! Those who were more anxious in participating / demonstration, had these anxieties alleviated! It was wonderful to see – THANK YOU!”

"Music is very important to the pupils at Regency.  All of our pupils have communication issues, however music breaks down these barriers.  There are little opportunities for pupils with additional needs in Worcestershire to access high quality out of hours music provision, therefore it is great that MAC, Severn Arts and Malvern Special Families are able to work together to create a pilot opportunity to fill this void."

"The sessions were very motivating and had just the right amount of challenge to ensure those who struggle with ‘risk taking’ felt safe to do so (exploring new instruments; compositions; playing in front of the group)."

"Confidence and social interaction skills were clearly seen, practiced and developed in all groups. I saw students sing solos who I have never seen sing before. The prospect of having a microphone and being recorded was a great motivator and encourager."

"Fantastic opportunities to perform, investigate, compose, write lyrics. Many of these were new experiences, particularly with the technology brought in."

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