Future C U R I O U S – Digital opportunity for young people, encompassing combined arts practice

Thu 23 July 2015

This summer, mac birmingham in partnership with Hiive introduce Future C U R I O U S - a free open access programme for aspiring and emerging creative young people developed and produced by Amy Martin and Yinka Danmole.  Future C U R I O U S will offer artist talks, commissions, workshops, digital labs and lectures in order to grow and nurture talent within the West Midlands and beyond. Attendees will be encouraged to tinker, play and hack*, while responding to three key themes: Sustainability and the Environment; Creative Technology Data and the Internet; Space and Place. The programme starts with a launch event at mac on Friday 31 July, 6pm – 10pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to find out more, as well as visit a Gif-making booth, with the most inventive Gif rewarded with a pair of Nike Air Huarache trainers.  The Future C U R I O U S project runs until Sunday 20 September 2015 and is open to 16-30 year olds.

With an acknowledgement that digital technology, open data and online sharing capabilities will continue to grow and innovate in almost every sector imaginable, including the arts, farming, architecture, fashion and manufacturing, Future C U R I O U S aims to explore this phenomenon in more detail. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend a selection of workshops including dance sessions, which integrate music and digital technology, a fashion workshop, which explores the future of the fashion industry, sustainability and ethics and Gif making workshops. All will aim to support attendees in their practice, enabling them to experiment, explore and find new ways to express themselves creatively, building resourcefulness, a do-it-yourself attitude, engendering a move away from excessive consumption.

Featured as part of Future C U R I O U S is PX a new interactive performance-digital research and development project for young people from across Birmingham and the Black Country. It takes the form of a unique interdisciplinary creative lab, led by Digital Media Artist Barret Hodgson and Interactive Designer Noel Murphy. Participants will be armed with ways of approaching new technologies such as digital projection mapping whilst collaborating creatively with Man Made Youth Company Artistic Directors Jerrel Jackson and Johnny Autin.

Dan Whitehouse, Next Generation Producer, mac birmingham said: ‘Future C U R I O U S will be a gateway into an ever-growing technical playground. There’ll be space to imagine a world with no boundaries and a future that embraces innovation. We hope attendees will leave the programme invigorated and determined to explore new ways of thinking and doing.’

Amy Martin, Creative Producer added: ’I am really excited about the programme especially our partnership with tech company Kano. As part of the Future C U R I O U S programme five Birmingham based Artists have been commissioned to take the ‘Future Curious Challenge’. They have been given a Kano** and will teach themselves basic code using this awesome little make-it-yourself-computer. The artists are challenged to use the Kano to create an original artwork or to use it within their creative process, documenting their progress and sharing their journey on Future-Curious TV. Our artists are; Louise Byng (Illustrator), Lily Wales (Visual Arts), Myah Jeffers (Writer) Omar Khan (Filmmaker), Demi Nandhra (Performance Artist) and Louisa Robbins (Poet).

To find out more and to see the programme of events in full visit see here and below. 

* Hack - The verb ‘hack’ means to break in and break down, to cut to the core, chop roughly, to subvert, to open, to decode, reconsider, and rebuild. In this context we mean that Future C U R I O U S gives artists the opportunity to modify or reconsider their creative process and explore new ways of working.

**Kano is a DIY "computer kit designed to help people of all ages assemble a computer from scratch, and learn basic coding skills." Find out more here.  

Hiive is the professional network for people working, studying or employing in the creative industries.