10 ways to get creative at MAC

Tue 8 January 2019

New year, new you... Why not indulge your creative side with one of our short courses? They vary from a few hours to a few weeks and cover a range of disciplines – here are a few examples to give you a taste! 

1. Funky Ceramics 

Be part of a dynamic new ceramic course constructing sculpture from slabs of clay. Be complex, minimalist, subtle or bold and in your face with your ceramic structures in this brand new course that will teach you slab-building and decoration techniques. 

2. Retro & Vintage Crafts

This course offers an opportunity to make retro and vintage inspired craft items inspired by the season. Fall in love with Vintage Valentine cushions and create your own retro doorstops and more spring-themed vintage crafting.

3. Arts & Crafts Ceramics: Inspired by William Morris and William De Morgan

During this unique three-day course you will explore contemporary ceramic work inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th century, learn ceramic techniques and develop your own designs inspired by famed designers William Morris and William De Morgan.

4. Ceramics for Wellbeing

Express yourself and improve your wellbeing in this new ceramics course. Explore the possibilities and potential of clay and release your creativity in a welcoming environment.

5. Pet Pottery Portraits

Learn how to immortalise your favourite little fellas and make a pottery portrait of them. In this course you will learn hand building and coiling techniques, and imaginative ways to make your clay best friend look their best.

6. Basket Weaving Weekend

Always wanted to try basket weaving? Now is the time to learn about this age-old heritage craftsmanship! During these new weekend courses you will learn the fundamentals of basketry and weaving with willow. Throughout the courses you will be thoroughly introduced to two main basketry methods: frame baskets and stake & strand baskets.

7. MAC Sewing School: Trousers

Make it a perfect fit! Learn to make a pair of trousers from a pattern of your choice. Choose a sewing pattern that is funky or fresh, then pick a fabric that will show off your newly acquired skills in this 2-day course.

8. Introduction to Jewellery: Inspired by Nature 

Design and make your own nature themed jewellery in this 6-week short course. Learn how to cut, heat, pattern, solder and polish metal to create unique pieces of jewellery inspired by nature. 

9. Introduction to Photography for Wellbeing

Focus on slowing down, relaxing and enjoying your surroundings with a social Photography course. Socialise, unwind and build self-esteem whilst honing your camera skills. This is a day for photography lovers to meet likeminded people and take photos together.

10. Textiles: Indigo Dye Workshop

Indulge in indigo! Indigo is one of the oldest dyes used for colouring fabrics and is still used today to colour jeans. Experiment with indigo dye baths and resist techniques to create beautiful fabric samples to take home.

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MAC Save-A-Space Scheme

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