​Refugee Week Festival event at MAC

Tue 4 June 2019

We're thrilled to be marking Refugee Week 2019 with a free family event on Saturday 23 June 12noon-5.30pm with live music, workshops (drumming, arts and crafts) face painting, stalls and activities.


Afromanding - a multi-national collective of musicians with a common love for African music. Their sound is influenced by the Manding music of West Africa, including Mbalax and Afro-beat. They’ve forged their own original, energetic and eclectic style fusing traditional West African instruments (such as the kora, djembe, junkaran, balafon and tama) with Western guitar, bass and keyboards. Their collective expertise and experience  enriches the unique sound of the band. Website| Facebook

Cessie Djamba - (Khalifa Conte - Master Drummer from Senegal, Nicky Reed - Tewahedo, Ian Parmel - ACE Dance & Music, Mark Robertson (Birmingham Afro-Bloc) 

Cessie Djamba - a collective of high class drummers, Khalifa Conte (Master Drummer from Senegal), Nicky Reed (Tewahedo), Ian Parmel (ACE Dance & Music), Mark Robertson (Birmingham Afro-Bloc).  Doing a one off colaboration for Celebrating Sanctuary. With new rhythms fresh from their Cultural Experience in Dakar, Senegal organised by Master Drummer (Djembe fola ) Khalifa Conte.

Hassan Salih Nour - singer and Ood Player from Sudan. Salih spent time in Holland and Cairo before settling in the UK, in Birmingham. Working with a Sudanese percussionist from Holland, Salih brings a soulful and captivating performance of traditional and original Sudanese music. “a highly talented and charismatic performer.”

Germa Adan - Haitian folk artist known for her ability to write and perform in the style of a storyteller with a strong undercurrent of social consciousness at the heart of her music. She writes and  performs a tapestry of ethereal vocal and stringed harmonies, influenced by the overlapping identity with cultures, especially so in the Haitian, American and British folk influences that colour her sound. Germa performs with fantastic string player and vocalist Jobe-Baker Sullivan. 'captivating and honest', Folkroom London

Afro Mio - which means “My Africa”, is a harmonious blend of rich vocals borne on a wave of rhythmic conga and melodious African guitar. Founder member Ben Pathy is a singer, author and composer from Angola, specialising in traditional African music, Rumba, Soukous, Kizomba and Salsa.   A regular feature on the CSB Music Programme and one our favourite, local bands. Charming, engaging and beautiful, this is music to enrich the soul.

Daholl Kurdish Band - an energetic blend of Kurdish and Middle Eastern music which ranges from traditional to contemporary popular dance music. Led by dynamic violinist, percussionist and dance teacher Zirak Hamad.

Zirak Hamad - after moving to Birmingham from Iraqi Kurdistan in 2002, Zirak has been performing world music fusing traditional and contemporary sounds nationally and internationally. Also, freelancing as a music and Middle Eastern dance facilitator.

Nifeco Costa & Babock Djazz

Nifeco Costa -  musician and singer from Guinea-Bissau, now based in the UK has formed the band "Babock Djazz", bringing together local musicians with origins from around the globe.  Nifeco brings beautiful melodies, a sweet voice and an infectuous Latin groove. Guaranteed to get you on your feet and dancing!

The Redeemed - Founded by Didier Kisala The Redeemed are a movement of youthful energy including singers, guitarists, dancers and drums.  Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo their music reflects their heritage and a broad range of influences including Rumba, Sebene, Zouk, Jazz and Gospel.

Celebrating Sanctuary in partnership with MAC, supported by National Lottery through ACE, BCC SVPRS and The John Feeney Charitable Trust.