Top Five Tips for a Successful Conference

Mon 17 February 2020

Proper planning and preparation are essential for a conference to run well. A common question often posed  is, “how do I host a successful conference?’ As such, we’ve put together five tips to run a successful event.

Planning Ahead

The first, and arguably most important step, is to ensure you plan ahead. If you want the conference to be a success, then you should give yourself plenty of time and ensure that no stone is left unturned in the planning stage. Research has shown that most conferences taken in and around the 6 month mark to organise, giving a chance to secure the right venue, speakers and suppliers.


Setting a fixed budget at the start is also very important, in order to avoid overspending. We’ve seen some horror stories whereby organisers don’t plan this element in advance, and as such, are stung with unexpected costs for elements of the conference that weren’t previously planned for. As an organiser, you should ensure that each element of the conference is clearly defined, budgeted, and accounted for in advance.


Picking the right conference venue is essential to its success – it’s often the aspect that delegates will remember most, and could define the overall feedback for the event. You need to ensure that there is space for people to network, a sizeable area for presenters to work within, as well as considering more logistical aspects – including parking and accommodation.

The Correct Mix

It is also important to get the correct mix between delegates, speakers and those assisting in the smooth running of the event. Too many times we’ve seen a disproportionate ratio of delegates to speakers/helpers, and as such, the time spent waiting to speak with a speaker after the event is too long. The whole tone of the conference should reflect the values and vision of those running the event, and in the planning process, you should set out the objectives you’re looking to achieve from the event.


Catering may seem a fairly trivial aspect of a conference planning, but it is something that is often undervalued in the planning phase. If the conference is an all-day event, it’s essential to ensure that delegates are provided with the necessaries throughout the course of the event, considering various dietary requirements and so forth.

A well-run conference is remembered for years. Unfortunately, so is a poorly run one – for the wrong reasons. Proper planning and preparation help to ensure that it’s the right reasons for which your delegates remember the event. If you’re looking for one of the best conference venues in the midlands, then look no further than MAC, and get in touch today to discuss all options available.