Why Host a Meeting or Conference at MAC?

Wed 5 February 2020

In most business industries, meetings and conferences are an everyday occurrence. Recent statistics have shown that the average employee spends 10 hours and 42 minutes each week preparing for 4.4 meetings over the same period. That’s an average of almost one each day!

Whether you’re looking to hire a meeting room in Birmingham, or seeking a conference venue in the same area, MAC can help. Our meetings rooms and conference venues can accommodate gatherings at the lower end of the scale (up to 16 people), right up to the upper end (up to 219 people).

Aside from the varying sizes of our facilities and the scope of possible uses for them, here at MAC we can offer you the full package.

Some highlights across our best meeting and conference rooms include:

  • Hexagon Theatre – a distinctive room that is very well equipped with cutting-edge technical equipment, perfect for medium-sized conferences.
  • Deloitte Room – an incredibly versatile space, with generous proportions ensuring medium-sized gatherings are well looked after.
  • Theatre – this is our largest conference room, and one of the largest available in Birmingham. Holding a capacity of up to 219 people, and incorporating some of the latest light and sound technology, this is a perfect venue for a large scale business congregation.
  • Saintbury Room – if you’re looking for a small meeting room for hire, this room fits the bill perfectly. Boasting an unusual triangular shape, it’s small and intimate design is perfect for smaller meetings.

Our venues are perfect for anybody looking to host a business event in the Midlands area, and our friendly staff are always on hand to help guide you through the process – right from initial enquiry, through to support on the day. 

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