Hidden Voices: Musical Activity Packs

Thu 20 August 2020

Lockdown has challenged us all in different ways and many of us have found ourselves making more use of technology to stay connected with each other. 

However, watching videos, Tweeting and taking part in Zoom calls doesn’t suit everyone. One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced over the last few months is how we can keep making music inclusively with those who don’t feel that working online is for them, or those who don’t have access to the internet. 

Inclusive music making is usually about coming together and making connections, but since that’s the primary thing we’re having to compromise right now, we felt it was really important to put extra energy in to trying to ensure that nobody is left out.

So, in order to move forward with Hidden Voices, our programme of musical activity specifically for female carers to boost wellbeing and reduce isolation, we made it a priority to re-establish those connections in an effective way. 

Our Music Leaders designed musical craft packs specifically for families at Balsall Heath CATS who had been taking part in the Hidden Voices programme before lockdown. Each pack contains a letter from our Music Leaders Nicola and Kathryn, along with instructions for musical activities to try at home and a selection of the different crafty materials needed for each project. As soon as the bags arrive on doorsteps, families can start getting creative straight away!  

All of our resources for carers who either have or care for somebody with autism, carers 50+, and resources for all of our Hidden Voices groups can be found here.

We’re planning to connect with people in the same kind of way for our MAC Makes Music programme

Holly Radford, MAC Makes Music Producer said: “During this time we have wanted to share the benefits of making music and being creative, particularly as a way to improve well-being and reduce isolation. We are continually developing our “no-tech” remote offer, so hope to be able to share more exciting news soon!”

Discover more about our Hidden Voices programme here.