Craft in Common: Online Workshop 1 - COURAGE

Tue 1 September 2020

Craft in Common is a series of five creative online workshops, led by artist Alinah Azadeh, to help us to get through these difficult times by making together. It has been co-commissioned by MAC and  Craftspace  for a forthcoming national touring exhibition We Are Commoners. 

Each workshop is themed to relate to a human value or experience such as; courage, care, connection, loss and emotional repair. Alinah invites you to make these objects for yourself or to gift to someone else. 

Share your makes and stories with us on social media using the hashtag #wearecommoners - and be sure to tag us @mac_birmingham!

Workshop 1: COURAGE

Making Medals for Everyday Courage

In this time of crisis we are all trying to be more courageous. Alinah invites you to make a medal celebrating the often-unacknowledged acts of everyday courage. 

“It’s courageous to:  try new things, reach out for support, feel and share difficult feelings, be strong for others, tell truth to those who you love, find joy in small things and to keep focusing on what you love and have rather than what is lacking.” - Alinah Azadeh

COURAGE Tutorial Video:

If you are interested in showing objects you make alongside the exhibition, please email Craftspace at or call 07394 745 865. 

Find out more about this project and the We Are Commoners exhibition here.