Refugee and asylum seeker women's artwork globally showcased in new digital experience

Thu 15 October 2020

Isolation, flashbacks of war, suffering in silence, resilience and solidarity - these are the messages featured in a new artwork created by refugee and migrant women around the world, with UK-based artist & human rights activist, Salma Zulfiqar.

Entitled ‘In Solidarity’ The Migration Blanket, the new artwork is a continuation of The Migrant Blanket project created by the artist in 2018 with vulnerable women, showing their struggles and hopes and dreams. This artwork was exhibited  during the Venice Biennale in 2019.

The digital artwork will take you on a creative migration journey around the world through the eyes of girls and women during these troubled times.

Some 30 girls and women representing over 20 nations took part in the ARTconnects project, supported by MAC, giving them a voice to express themselves creatively during the ongoing Corona Crisis. 

The project is in collaboration with MAC, Arts Council UK and in support of The United Nations Refugee Agency.

Semira, a Bosnian refugee living in the UK and participant of the online workshops, said: "I managed to attend on two workshops online  and I met so many women from around the world. Thanks to modern technology, Salma organised these workshops and gave an opportunity to refugee women from around the world to attend and express their feelings on their art work. 

"Thanks to the interpreter, I understood that some of them still live in refugee camps and difficult circumstances. This reminded me of my life almost three decades ago, when I experienced something similar.

"We are all beginners without prior knowledge of art, but all of us managed to do something. I spot some extraordinary pictures, so I guess that some women have hidden and unused talents. I think it helped as all to escape our uncertain reality and to empathise with each other.

"I felt a global solidarity and reassurance that none of us is not alone in this Corona situation. Regardless of our economical, cultural, racial, religious or social background, we are all in the same boat."

The artwork will be shown at Espacio Gallery in central London on 20 - 25 October 2020, with online events planned for global screenings later in the year.

Exhibition launch | In Solidarity: The Migration Blanket | 6-8pm | RSVP essential

Find out more about the project supported by MAC here.