It Gets Lighter From Here: Jaivant Patel Dance Commissioned by MAC

Mon 21 December 2020

MAC commissioned Associate Artist, Jaivant Patel Dance to create 'Jagmag Diye Jalao' for #ItGetsLighterFromHere, an initiative coordinated by Culture Central. The translation of the title for this piece has been interpreted as 'fill all the corners of the universe with luminous light'. 

Jaivant Jaivant Patel, Artistic Director of Jaivant Patel Dance, said: "The influence behind this piece is imbedded in the illumination of hope in the lighting of a diya that emerges out from the darkness of current unprecedented times for the coming of better days. 

"It is such an honour to be the first artist invited to create site-specific work within MAC's new pocket garden and to collaborate with renowned vocalist Sanyogita Kumari."

Watch the film here.

It Gets Lighter From Here is a virtual day of hope and positivity, showcasing a collection of 60 second digital commissions from organisations across the region. To date, It Gets Lighter From Here has raised a total of £34,050 for commissions, providing vital financial support for the region’s freelancers and community members who have been left unsupported through the Covid-19 pandemic, with a lack of job security and stable, regular income.

Deliberately marking the shortest day/longest night of the year, the purpose of It Gets Lighter From Here is to provide moments of happiness and hope during what has been an incredibly challenging and unprecedented time for the industry – before it does, quite literally, start to get lighter.

Artists and cultural institutions from across the West Midlands will come together to release hundreds of micro-commissions across their social channels, through the hashtag #ItGetsLighterFromHere. Involving a huge cross-section of artists and art-forms, substantial audiences and networks will be reached across the region and beyond, creating a wide celebration of hope, optimism and possibility for the future.

Javiant Patel Dance is an Associate Artist at MAC. MAC are a seed commissioner for Jaivant Patel Dance's recently toured YAATRA production and newly announced R&D activity entitled 'Waltzing The Blue Gods.' Both works explore the rich possibilities rooted in South Asian LGBTQ+ narratives.

Creative direction by Jaivant Patel, featuring vocals by Sanyogita Kumari, filmed and edited by Jamie Harley.

Visit to find out more about their work.