Young Musician Stories: Nashita Haque

Thu 24 June 2021
Nashita performing at Variety Jam 2021

Nashita has been a participant of MAC Makes Music for the last 7 years. She has been an active member of SWITCH, our inclusive band for young people with additional needs, and has performed regularly at our Variety Jam and Virtual Open Mic events. Over the last year she has adapted well to working online and we have seen a surge in her creativity and confidence. We saw this as an opportunity for her to take more of a leadership role during her sessions, and have encouraged her to showcase her music technology skills, present her ideas and lead songwriting sessions with the support of our Music Leaders. In one recent session Nashita was described as ‘the creative force’ as she consistently brings new tracks to show the group every week. We have been keen to capture her momentum and encourage her to keep making music between sessions. Giving her space to share her ideas has also led to important group discussions about appropriate lyrical content, which has been beneficial to her as well as her peers. 

“Nashita took the lead on the music production – opening up her Garageband project, sharing her screen and talking us through her process as she downloaded and imported audio files, then proceeded to sing along to the backing track with passion… It feels like she is in the middle of a learning curve and this is great to witness”

Lyric writing sessions have also allowed Nashita to open up about her experiences of lockdown. Many of the songs she has written and performed at our Open Mic events have been upbeat songs about her fond memories of the past, but more recently she has shared more personal, cathartic lyrics discussing mental health: During the session she commented that performing this made her feel ‘confident’ and ‘relaxed’, which shows a positive step in her personal development, as the Music Leader identified:

“Nashita wrote and sang a song about loneliness and being sad. It was slightly out of character from how I know her. It's great she had the courage to share it and felt comfortable with us.” – Music Leader 

We have also seen Nashita more confidently lead vocal warmups, ask questions, assert her ideas and offer to perform first. She says:

“During COVID I like attending Switch and Virtual Open Mic sessions on Zoom. I've learnt how to show confidence by introducing the name of the songs and performers. The MAC Makes Music sessions are enjoyable.”

Nashita has just completed our Young Musician Mentoring Scheme and continues to show her initiative to develop her ideas and progress in her musical career. Check out her debut song "Pump Up The Volume" below.