How MAC is Catering for Greener Lifestyles

Wed 11 August 2021

Here at MAC, we are known to take pride in our efforts to champion sustainability, as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re dedicated to explaining our aims and achievements in making the world a bit greener! If you want to find out more, check our Goals and What We’re Doing and how we’re Making Our Building Greener.

At our new Café KILN, we have made it our mission to cater for green lifestyles and be more environmentally-friendly, whether that be through the food we cook or our plastic usage.

It is known that plastic waste is a huge threat to our planet, but did you know that 100,000 marine mammals and turtles, as well as 1 million sea birds, are killed by marine plastic pollution annually? Plus, producing one tonne of plastic generates up to 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide!

Ways in which KILN is actively trying to decrease these statistics is through encouraging our visitors to buy and use our reusable cups, or bring your own to use time and time again. That’s the beauty of sustainability.

If you do bring a reusable cup to MAC, you are eligible for a discount on any hot drink. To further help combat plastic usage, we have also moved away from single-use plastic, and instead offer a range of biodegradable Vegware™ products. 

In regards to our menu, we have made sure we offer a range of vegetarian and vegan options for visitors. This is both to keep MAC’s catering inclusive and equally push our sustainability goals even further.

Now you may be thinking, what does vegetarian and vegan food have to do with being environmentally-friendly? Well actually, quite a lot.

Did you know it takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat? Whereas one pound of wheat only takes 25 gallons, therefore you would save more water by not eating one pound of meat than you would not taking a shower for six months*! Additionally, according to the United Nations*, “a global shift toward a vegan diet is one of the steps necessary to combat the worse effects of climate change.” If every family in the UK removed meat from just one meal a week, it would have the same environmental impact as taking 16 million cars off the road.     

So, even if it’s a small switch to veggie or vegan options a few times a week, you can still make a big impact!

There are plenty of delicious and meat-free options on KILN’s menu waiting for you to try out, such as our: Harissa Roast Veg & Sweet Potato Hummus Focaccia, Greek Salad, Vegan Breakfast Baps, Loaded Chips and more.

We’ve also made sure we offer alternatives to dairy milk, such as oat and coconut milk; another simplistic yet effective switch to helping the environment. Feel free to ask for any of these milks in your tea/coffee when you visit us.

This infographic displays the amazing effects on the environment switching milk can have (source Poore & Nemecek 2018). Plant-based milks are known to be low in fat, high in vitamin B, lactose free and share a good balance of sodium and potassium.

At MAC, we are working towards helping to make a more positive impact on the environment. Part of this mission involves our annual EcoFest.

If you want to learn more about caring for our environment, or have a passion for sustainability, then EcoFest is for you! 

Carl Finn, Head of Catering and Hospitality here at MAC, gave us a comment surrounding KILN’s involvement at EcoFest: “We at KILN are excited to be involved in EcoFest 21. It’s an event that we all have close to hearts. We strive to be as sustainable as we can, pushing our self’s for products that are not damaging to our planet. 

We are all still learning and this event will help us to become better. For EcoFest 2021 we will be making our express grab and go 100% vegan and will host on the terrace a Dirty Vegan street food tent. Can’t wait to see you there.”

So come along to our one-day festival on Sunday 19 September and get involved in a programme of creativity, music, stalls, talks and people who want to make a change as a collective.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our social media pages to find out which organisations will be joining us at EcoFest 2021.

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We hope to see you there.