Call out for Birmingham-based actors and designer

Fri 24 September 2021

In Our Skin is a verbatim-based theatre project by Greg Homann, commissioned by MAC, that highlights the lived experiences of gay men living in Birmingham (UK) & Johannesburg (South Africa). 

Its development began in Johannesburg in late-2017. It has been in development with MAC throughout the pandemic. Transcripts from a series of over 30 interviews conducted across each city will form the basis of an original play that will be staged at MAC in mid-2022.

Exploratory R&D - Call Out

The work is about to go into a final phase of research and development (R&D). If you are a Birmingham-based actor or designer interested in the work, then have a look at the Audition Brief and Designer Call Out below.

The aim of the exploratory R&D will be to experiment with the integration of text, music, design, & video to create a performance that captures the energy, diversity, resilience, complexity, & vibrancy of the stories shared by participants from across the two cities. The workshop will explore staging ideas, work bits of interviews into music, and will aim to refine a visual language for the text. 

This open-to-the-public exploratory R&D will culminate in a public sharing at MAC, and a conversation as part of SHOUT Festival 2021.

To find out more information about the project, please visit the In Our Skin website.