Try Something New in 2022!

Thu 6 January 2022

Happy New Year from MAC Makes Music!  This January we invite you to celebrate music and try something new in 2022!

Did you know...

Music is good for the brain.

Music can help you connect.

Music makes you smile.*

We runs lots of different musical groups and opportunities for children, young people and families at various venues across the West Midlands and online. All of these opportunities are free, inclusive of every young person's needs and interests, and you don't need any previous musical experience to get involved!

Take a look at our current offer and get in touch if there's something you'd like to try.

* Find out more about Music Mark's 'Get Playing' campaign and the evidence they have found which shows that making music from an early age has lots of benefits.

For more information about any of our opportunities, please get in touch!

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