BBC Performing Arts Fellowship

Rachael Young, a Theatre Maker, has been awarded a BBC Performing Arts Fellowship (BBC PAF). As part of her award Rachael will be hosted by mac, receiving one to one mentoring from Daniel Whitehouse, mac's Next Gen Producer,  in addition to rehearsal spaces, with opportunities to perform her work. As a fellow, Rachael receives £10,000 from  BBC PAF, which will enable her to develop as an artist and produce work. 

To date, Rachael has been very busy - see below. She has also received additional funding through Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, which will enable her to employ and work with a producer in the coming weeks.  

You can find out more on Rachael's website and follow her on Twitter for updates @rachaelraymck

I, Myself & Me - Wed 23 and Thur 24 Sep

If you were a crisp flavour, what would you be? What's the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for you? What's wrong with you? Rachael Young invites you to break out of the box and embrace all that you are.

Crowns of Confidence

Crowns of Confidence is a participatory performative workshop, taking place in a hair salon. Instead of the usual stock styling photos covering the walls, this salon is more interested in promoting difference and non-conformities, the unusual and the avant-garde!

You can enjoy the piece free of charge as part of Tate's Turbine Festival on 25 July. See more information here. Rachael will also perform the piece as part of the Birmingham Weekender (25 -  27 Sep, date and time to be announced shortly).

Residency at Ovalhouse (London)

Rachael enjoyed a two week residency at Ovalhouse, which enabled her to experiment and play with ideas for her piece I, Myself and Me. Rachael worked with a team of collaborators to explore different aspects of the work - this included Cecile Tremolieres - Designer, Eva G Alonso - Production Manager and Technologist and Greg Wohead - Outside Eye. Rachael commented: 'It was an interesting and challenging two weeks in which I learnt lots. It gave me an opportunity to gain some valuable audience feedback. which will help as I move forward with the work.'

Intersections: Salon Audio Walk

Rachael’s guided walk, visiting salons across Nottingham enables her to share her experience of inhabiting those spaces. Walkers were prompted to reflect on their own hair experiences and what it means to them in terms of their identity, politics and culture. Rachael's Salon Audio Walk was developed as part of her Intersection commission alongside Richard Houguez and a wider project entitled Hair Happenings. You can access information about the walk here.

To find out more about Hair Happenings click here.

Women of the World - Southbank Centre - Sun 8 March

In March and as part of the Women of World Festival (WoW) at the Southbank Centre in London, Rachael was asked to speak on a panel, the subject of which was: Beyond the Booty? The Sexualisation of Black Women. The debate explored the portrayal of black women in popular culture and what it may tell us about race, sex and power? The panel also featured a keynote by Dr Shirley Tate, author of Black Women’s Bodies and the Nation: Race, Gender and Culture. 

To see what happened throughout the WoW day visit here.

First Bite Festival - Sat 2 May

Rachael performed a self-penned, solo piece entitled: I, Myself & Me at the recent First Bite Festival commissioned by China Plate, mac and Warwick Arts Centre  I, Myself & Me focused on singletons who have ever questioned whether it’s time to buy ‘that cat’ and the external social pressures placed on those facing a single existence at any point int heir lives.

A video of Rachael's performance will be available soon.