made at mac

Learning and participation is at the heart of what we do, so our 'made at mac' series of exhibitions aims to communicate the richness and quality of both the learning experience and the content produced on site at mac birmingham.

Our audiences and visitors are artists too, so we hope to increase their confidence and skill by showcasing their achievements and sharing their learning experience with other visitors to mac through these unique, personal exhibitions of their work.   

I joined the class to learn something new and develop my skills. It has enabled me to see familiar objects in a new way, which has been particularly true of the ‘made at mac’ project.

Course participant

Joining this class ensures that for two hours a week, I could experiment and fiddle with paints and pencils and pastels without interruption and with great classmates. It has been an amazing experience that has led to this final piece for the 'made at mac' exhibition 

Course participant