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Music in the Early Years

mac birmingham has long championed Arts in the Early Years. mac makes music looks to promote as well as initiate innovation in music provision for young children through research, music making projects and CPD.

Early Childhood Music Research Project – The Audio Environment

mac received funding from Youth Music to conduct an action research project to explore ways in which recorded music can be used effectively in Early Years settings. The research is being led by Early Childhood Music Specialist Nicola Burke. See more information on the resource produced as part of the project below, entitled: Tune into Listening.


Environment is a key factor within children’s learning but the audio environment is rarely discussed. This research will raise awareness of the importance of audio environments; the impact that playing recorded music may have on young children and explore ways in which early years practitioners can effectively use recorded music in settings

Launch Event

There will be a launch event, at mac, on 26 February 2016 - Music for Early Ears at which Nicola and our two key partners: Hillfields Children’s Centre and Allenscroft Children’s Centre will share their findings and present a new resources pack for use in Early Years settings.

Tune into Listening Resource

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