Next Generation

Working under its own dedicated producer, our Next Generation programme provides opportunities for young people and emerging artists aged 14 - 30.

mac birmingham offers an entry point and catalyst for young people and emerging artists to discover or re-discover their creative capabilities in a supported environment, and to develop skills through exposure and training in a variety of areas. Working both within mac's building and out across the region, we're proud of the impact our work is making on the artists of tomorrow.

One of the biggest bits of advice I give to the young people I work with is to always try and be multi-faceted practitioners (so don’t put all your eggs in one basket). I think it is important as an emerging artist and practitioner that you try and test out as many things as possible and immerse yourself in as much art and creative content as possible, particularly at the start of your career.

Dan Whitehouse, Next Generation Producer for mac birmingham

Live Projects

Past Projects

BFI Academy 2016 (16-19 year olds)

The BFI Film Academy ( aims to help train and inspire the next generation of British filmmakers and offers training for every film industry role, from writing and directing through to production, sound design, editing and camera, and also provides learning around film history and cinematic storytelling to inspire an appreciation of film culture in the round. After completing their BFI Film Academy courses, young people are able to progress to a range of other exciting opportunities.

Next Generation Annual Reports