Spectra is a performance project for people with learning disabilities, and it has been developed through a partnership between Midlands Arts Centre, Kate DeRight, and Queen Alexandra College. The project aims - through consultation and creative activity - to empower participants and develop them as creative leaders.

Having recently received funding from Arts Council England they will be starting a new strand of work with adults, offering creative opportunities to those who are not yet engaged in the arts. Over the next year, they will be devising together, creating interactive and multisensory performances and experiences for audiences.

They are keen to get more people involved, so if you know of any individuals or groups of adults with learning disabilities who would be interested in this project, please get in touch,


For more information about what Spectra are up to, please visit spectrabloggers.wordpress.com, plus you can watch a video
about their story so far, below.

Spectra has been important to me because it lets me show people what I can do. It lets us show off our talents. I don’t like change and I’m adapting to other people’s abilities and meeting new people with different abilities and getting used to them, which is a good thing.

Dom, Spectra Participant

Spectra are a lovely, very energetic group. The session was really fun and easy-going; all the participants got to have a go.

Amelia Howat, BSA