The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project is a 7 month residency for emerging artist from East & West Midlands, led by Rachael Young based at mac birmingham, Curve Leicester and New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

It’s about collaboration, conversation art and action. It’s about building networks and sharing knowledge. It’s about questioning what freedom means to us as individuals. It’s about questioning the limits that are put on us by society and facing the limits and restrictions we place ourselves.

Throughout the residency the artists are exploring these themes through their individual arts practice to make innovative new piece of work, which will be showcased for the first time during The Freedom Project Take Over on Wednesday 7th September. Expect a dynamic collection of one-on-one interactions, installations, sound pieces and durational performance, presented throughout the day and into the evening.

You can find out more about the artists involved here:

and follow the progress on their project blog: