Primary Schools

mac makes music works in partnership with Primary Schools to offer an alternative approach to music making, engaging children who are at risk of exclusion, experience emotional and behavioural difficulties or barriers to learning due to life circumstances.

Children take part in group music making, song writing, and composition using a wide range of resources including music technology. These projects can also offer support to music teachers as part of their CPD; offer opportunities for children to visit mac; record their own tracks using professional recording equipment and deliver performances to peers and/or their families.

Examples include working with a group of:

· Looked After Children to provide a musical outlet for shared experiences

· Children from the travelling community to share aspects of their culture through music with the rest of the school to improve cohesion.

Examples of songs written by children can be found on our Sound Cloud

mac makes music can provide one off song writing experience for whole classes, this could support music composition in the curriculum, key stage 1 and 2, as well as CPD for music teachers.

“This is the first time I’ve ever looked at the clock at school and wished it would slow down rather than speed up.”

A pupil from Audley primary school

“The children are able to understand more about the structure of songs and have been introduced to related vocabulary such as: melody, harmony, pitch, middle eight, chorus, bridge. The children have definitely been allowed to be the leaders in this project and have not only led the song writing but also contributed ideas in lots of areas such as choosing melody patterns, a band name and designing the posters for the performance.”


“The musicians involved trusted the children considerably with the use of their personal and expensive equipment...The children have responded well to this trust and responsibility. There have been NO incidents of poor behaviour or attitude throughout the project.”

Class Teacher