Inclusive Ensembles

MAC Makes Music creates bespoke music making opportunities to address barriers in music education and to influence the development of progression routes. Key features are:

  • Enabling young people to make music together as an ensemble or band.
  • Access to music through the use of music technology.
  • Providing performance opportunities.
  • Empowering young people to make choices about their roles, repertoire and the instruments they play.

Open Orchestras

We are working in partnership with OpenUp Music to develop Open Orchestras in the West Midlands. Open Orchestras is a growing national movement, designed to support Music Education Hubs, arts organisations and schools in providing SEN/Disabled young people with opportunities to play in ensembles and to perform. OpenUp Music have designed resources to enable SEN/D young people to participate whatever their needs and access requirements including pioneering music technology the Clarion and a range of carefully re-worked pieces of music.

Through our grant, we are supporting seven orchestras in the region.

Music making at MAC

For those young people who wish to make music beyond the school day and meet other like-minded young musicians we have two ensembles:

  • SWITCH who create their own rock and pop music and perform regularly at MAC and beyond. 
  • miniSWITCH
  • Out Loud, a new inclusive choir for young people who love to sing their heart out with others.
  • JAM Courses

Other band development

We offer band development to enable young people to create, write, perform and record their own music and songs. Young people have access to a range of instruments and music technology resources; make choices about their role within the band and work collectively on their direction and repertoire. 

We're also working with five special schools across the West Midlands and with groups who experience social barriers and limited opportunities. Music has proven to create a safe space for personal expression, sharing ideas and experimentation among peers who have similar life experience.

Examples of this work and music includes: