SWITCH - Band Development

SWITCH is mac’s very own band in residence, made up of a group of young musicians who work alongside professional music leaders to write songs, play instruments, sing and learn about the many aspects of music production. They have an increasing repertoire of original songs; enjoy regular performance opportunities, at mac and beyond, and have created a music video for their signature tune: “Switch on Your Happy Side”

“It's a bit scary being based in such a professional space but I’ll get used to it”

Band Member

“That was the best gig I've seen in years. Honest, no pretention and great music. I didn't even know they were young people at the start''.

Audience member after watching SWITCH perform at mac

Switch on your happy side.

Switch Christmas 2015
Six new tracks by Switch.

Other Band Development Projects

mac makes music supports band development for groups who experience social barriers and limited opportunities. Music has proven to create a safe space for personal expression, sharing ideas and experimentation amongst peers who have similar life experience.

Examples of this work and music includes:

Other Projects