About our events

A captivating collection of Vietnamese cinematic treasures spanning the decades to modern day.

List of Events

  1. Three Vietnamese men ride motorbikes, seen in black and white.

    Dust & Metal + Live score

  2. A young Vietnamese woman looks off camera in a blavkl and white image, standing in front of a lake.

    When The Tenth Month Comes

  3. A Vietnamese boy wearing a loincloth uses a large pestle & mortar whilst an old man sat behind him works on a crossbow.

    Travelling Circus

  4. A Vietnamese girl stares directly into the camera, clutching a scarf around her neck. A bombed out building sits in the background.

    The Little Girl of Hanoi + Live score

  5. Star Nhà Ease: Vietnamese Short Film Programme

  6. A smiling Vietnamese woman looks off camera.

    Finding Phong + Q&A