Stuart Jacobs-Cook

Motion/print designer and self-proclaimed jack of all arts, like all creatives my relationship with art blossomed early. Numbers and equations never could quite keep my attention, so I filled the margins of my school books with doodles, scribbles and splattered ink. At home, I quickly became accustomed to the family computer, but more importantly how to use it creatively starting with Microsoft Paint, video game sprites and good old Movie Maker to create animated frame by frame shorts. Who knew a big beige box could be so colourful?

Fast forward to my teens and I’m indulging in photography, music and Photoshop. Naturally, I enrolled in a BTEC Graphic Design college course here in Birmingham which exposed me to (deep breath) design and layout, colour theory, typography, photography, art history, motion graphics, interactive technology, sound design, and set me up for just about everything to come (and... breathe). Take a short step into my twenties and I graduated with first class honours from Lincoln University with a Degree in Graphic Design; specialising in motion graphics, typography and ‘sonification’; an experimental process of manipulating images using sound tools to create ‘glitched’ visuals.

Today, I’m back where I belong in the grungy, yet homely city of Birmingham, offering my all as a media tech and tutor here at mac, as well a freelance designer out of hours. My work spans across the physical, digital, sound, the known universe and beyond (well not quite). When I’m off, I love to make music and funky visuals, indulge my undying love for computer games and venture into the punky venues of Birmingham where the floors are sticky and the bands are growly.

I vow to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm to the wonderful people of Brum, so get enrolled, it’ll be great, I promise!

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