Fancy doing one of our 6 or 12 week courses but not sure what it entails?

Tester Sessions are single sessions of our term courses (with available places) that take place the week before each term. Each session will give you the full experience of what that course will be like, with the tutor teaching that course, in the room where the course will take place in. Details will be published online two weeks before the full term start dates.

Summer release date:

Thu 13 April 2017 for testers week

of Mon 17th – Sun 23rd April

Tester Sessions are priced individually and must be booked in advance.

Summer 2017 Tester Sessions

    mac Learning & Participation Testers

    Friday 21 April 2017

    10am -12.30pm Foyer

    Explore Photomontage

 - Hazel Pitt | All Levels Age | Age 18+

    Learn about photomontage, the art of creating designs from found images. Create your own handcrafted designs whilst enjoying the therapeutic and well being affects of this art form and a space to socialise with others.

    2pm - 4pm Foyer

    Painting & Drawing To Music

 - Saranjit Birdi | All Levels | Age 18+

    This dynamic course explores how music can inspire visual forms in painting and drawing looking at historical examples from the Bauhaus, American Abstract Expressionism and contemporary examples. Bring out your creative side through inspirational music, and dance whilst you draw!

    4pm - 6pm Painting & Drawing Studio

    Experimental Drawing and Painting

    Tutor - 
Angela Maloney | Beginners/Improvers | Age 18+

    Learn the skills and techniques of drawing and painting through an investigation into experimental approaches that involve embracing mistakes and taking risks.

    Saturday 22 April 2017

    1pm - 2pm Foyer

    Moving with Abundance

    Tutor - Sandra Golding | All Levels | Age 18+

    This unique and gentle course is aimed to help students gain confidence in moving their whole bodies and create free movement. Inspired by ‘somatic’ African dance techniques the course is directly suitable for those who wish to regain the joy of movement, feel a sense of well-being whilst having fun and socialising with others.

    1pm - 3pm Painting & Drawing Studio

    Introduction to Portraiture

    Tutor - 
Milan Topalovic | Beginner Level | Age 18+

    Through a variety of short drawing challenges, you will be guided through techniques of improving your artist’s eye and developing your understanding and interpretation of form and tone to produce detailed portraits. A great introduction to drawing portraits.