The Future

Sneha Alexander, Lockdown Evening, 2021

“Art about the future isn’t just about spaceships and flying cars. It’s about imagining new possibilities for our lives.” - Grayson Perry

Featured Artist: Joe Lycett

"The future looks very bad for me. But thankfully it looks worse for Grayson." - Joe Lycett

Artists and their Studios: Saranjit Birdi

We commissioned Filmmaker Ben Crawford to produce this film, one of five that feature alongside selected artists in the exhibition. This film features Saranjit Birdi, a professional artist and Photographer based in Birmingham. Learn about the things that spark creativity for Saranjit, taking a look in his art studio as well as the places that inspire him.

This film is kindly presented by Corkfield, the lead sponsor for Grayson's Art Club: The Exhibition.

Sneha Alexander, Lockdown Evening, 2021; Elisha Hocking, Remember That Time?, 2022; Saranjit Birdi, Mum, 2021; Andy Greenacre, Sandscape: Waste of a Month, 2022; Tarren, Maria & Chelsea, HMP Peterborough, Future, Kids Love Farm, 2022; Tara Janes, Self Portrait: Hopeful, 2022; Tom Angell, Death is at our Dinner Table, 2022; Juno Walker, Juno Moons, 2022; Grayson Perry, Forest Spirit Alan, 2022.