The Queen

Pauline Farrar, The Throne of Succulents, 2022

“Making art about [a] monarch (…) whatever it might tell us about [them] can tell us some revealing things about ourselves.” - Grayson Perry

Featured Artist: Prue Leith

Prue Leith, Jubilation, 2022. Metal, glass and porcelain. Courtesy the artist

Prue likes repurposing stuff. The Jubilee Grayson art project gave her the chance to give new life to memorabilia and tourist junk with a royal flavour.

Tony Bowman, The Imperial State Crown, 2022; Emma Major, Queen Elizabeth II, 2022; Toby Bain, The Lighthouse - RNLI, 2022; Pauline Farrar, The Throne of Succulents, 2022; Rachel & Alex Robinson, Royal Corgis x 30, 2022.