Buying Tickets

Online Events - FAQs

I've booked an online live stream or event. How do I watch from home? 

Online events will be available to watch at home via our website. Once you've booked your tickets, simply visit the event page and log in to your MAC Account to access the content.

We recommend logging in at least 15 minutes ahead of the start time, so you’re ready to watch the performance as soon as we go live.


Ticket holders will be contacted upon completing purchases via email with confirmation of their booking. We will provide the unique link for audiences via email ahead of performances. 

What equipment will I need to watch online performances?

You must have a device compatible with YouTube e.g. iPad, desktop, smart phone or laptop computer.

It is recommended audiences check they have a stable internet connection ahead of the show to enjoy the best experience. You can watch the YouTube streams on your mobile, but we recommend using a larger screen for maximum viewer experience.

What are 'on demand' and 'live stream' events?

On demand events are pre-recorded shows that are released online, and can be watched over a fixed time-frame, e.g. over the course of a weekend. 

A live stream (or live broadcast) is an event being captured live and shown online for audiences in real time.


In these uncertain times, the team at MAC have found ways to bring culture and creativity to our audiences at home. We’re new to live-streaming events online, so please bear with us in the unlikely event that we have a technical error.

If you experience technical difficulties, please get in touch with us at