Unleash your Creativity

Grayson's Art Club: The Exhibition is a celebration of collective creativity across the nation. As part of the exhibition, we're asking our audiences to consider what art means to you. 

We're celebrating Young Artists with our special Activity Pack, and our very own Birmingham Art Club.

Young Artists' Activity Pack

We've created a special activity pack for young artists visiting the exhibition! Find hidden artworks, make your own drawings, and share your creativity with us to have your work featured in our online gallery below.

Download it for free or pick a copy up from our Gallery and Welcome Desk.

Birmingham Art Club: Online Gallery

We're launching our very own Birmingham Art Club - where your artworks feature on our online gallery. 

Submit your work based on the exhibition themes of Love, Heroes & Heroines, Holidays, Normal Life, Inside My Head, The Queen, and The Future.

Share your work with us: 

  • On social media @mac_birmingham #BirminghamArtClub #GACatMAC 
  • Via email [email protected]

Participating Artists:

Norman Trow Poole - Theme: Normal Life
"Art has always been important to me since my dad let me paint when I was a kid and l always watched the way my dad paint his paintings and since then it was important."

Julie Abraham - Theme: Holidays
"This is my submission for the online gallery in the Theme of Holidays. This is one of my 5 to 10 min quick sketches that I try to do when I'm away so maybe I can feel that 'perfect blue' when I get home before the memories fade to grey."

Irina Mackie - Theme: The Queen
"I chose Twiggy, a flamboyant brummie drag legend, as he wears his crown beautifully." @IrinaMackie

Wellie Kelly - Theme: Love
"The painting is acrylic on canvas and is titled ‘Undefined Love’."

Mazza Gucci - Theme: Heroes & Heroines 
"This is the nurse I painted who looked after me in hospital and later in the community."

Vicky Chapple - Theme: The Queen
"It’s watercolour on watercolour paper, designed and completed by myself (22.11.22) It depicts the splendid years of Queen Elizabeth II reign and her passing, and King Charles III forthcoming coronation."

Lucy McGuire - Theme: Normal Life
My piece 'Taste of China' falls in line with ‘Normal Life’ by Norman Trow Poole. I am an aspiring artist enjoying capturing and pausing upon seemingly mundane activities of our lives.

Karon Lyne - Theme: The Future
"I created this collage at Hazel's monthly collage event at the Mac. The stairs take us up to our future and the potential that lies there. We are reminded that we may need our flip flops for the journey."

Joanne Krawec - Theme: Normal Life
"Taking the theme of ordinary life, I’m making a comic book about my mom and dad’s early courting/married years. I’ve procrastinated on making a comic for ages, and as it’s their 50th wedding anniversary this year, I thought it might be fun! Its title is ‘Celia & John’s Amazing Adventure’, which is a play on a famous manga called ‘Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure’. When people think comics they usually think of superheroes, even though graphic storytelling spans multiple genres. I thought by making this for mom and dad I’d show them that their ‘ordinary life’ is anything but. Everyone goes through and enormous array of experiences, all worthy of immortalising in art. My working-class mom and dad would never think their lives worthy of drawing. But I do. The first two pages are here. I’ve got a lot to draw yet, but I’m having fun."

Sarah Fowler - Theme: Inside My Head
"I have admired Sir Grayson Perry’s Artwork for a while. I saw his tapestries at the BMAG years ago along with one of his beautifully illustrated vessels at the British Museum at least 5 years ago. I love how he breaks down barriers in Art. I create Art when I can, I have in fact I have drawn over 100 of my own mandalas and have a link with them on and my own website too, I've submitted my most recent work for the gallery but I showcased it in a shop window in Solihull."

Natalie Stone - Theme: Normal Life
These are some paintings I’ve done while sitting on the beach in watercolour. The one with the mountains is on canvas and is an oil painting.