Board of Directors and Trustees

Both Midlands Arts Centre - MAC, a charitable limited company, and its wholly-owned subsidiary MAC Trading Ltd have boards of trustees/directors whose remits are to oversee the strategic direction of the companies, giving direction and support to the management team through the Chief Executive and Senior Management team. Professional guidance and support is provided by a range of advisers and the engagement of colleagues from our major investors.

The Directors/Trustees meet at least five times a year - more often if necessary - to review and comment on performance and future plans. They advise on the business as well as the artistic aspects of MAC, and often attend MAC events to experience the centre's work first-hand.

MAC holds a register of interests for all Trustees which is available for inspection on request. Please contact Holly Mulhern, Director of Governance & HR for further information.


Mary Martin - Chair
Owen Dutton - Vice Chair
Councillor Matt Bennett
Stephanie Dale
Gurdip Bhangoo
Dr Haseena Lockhat
Linda Jones
Letha Charles
Ros Robins
Neil McGowan
Selina Brown
Michelle Williams

Trading Board Directors

Mike Williams - Trustee of the Charity and Chair of the Trading Board
Claire Daniel
Martin Leppard
Kam Bains