List of Events

  1. A man in a blue shirt and tie (Jesse Plemons) lies on the lap of a woman (Hong Chau) in a white dressing gown. They both stare vacantly into space.

    Kinds Of Kindness

  2. A Syrian man is on his knees with his hand behind his head, his young daughter next to him. A soldier is stood near him, his hands out in a placating gesture.

    Green Border

  3. Out At Sea

  4. A small piglet stares at the camera whilst more piglets snuffle behind it in the mud.


  5. Andrew Scott leans back on a recliner, staring into the distance. Behind him is a mirror and an old fashioned lamp.

    NT Live: Present Laughter

  6. Milton Jones appears inside a black star on a gold background holding a mic straight up with an outstretched arm. The words "Ha! Milton Jones" appear in front.

    Milton Jones: Ha!Milton Work In Progress

  7. An old black and white photo showing a policeman on horseback chasing down miners, raising a baton as they run away. In the background is a building with the name Phillips Truck Services on its front.

    Strike: An Uncivil War

  8. Two women, one with long blond hair with a green jacket and one with short brown hair in fur coat walk forewards in a busy street with neon signs above them.


  9. Acts of Creation: Video Programme

  10. A young girl (left) looks at an older man (right) in the rain.


  11. Bournville Young Singers Be Our Guest!

  12. An older woman dressed in a fur coat and wearing a shawl stands in front of a dilapidated house surrounded by weeds.

    Grey Gardens

  13. Niwel Tsumbu on the left playing a guitar in a colourful shirt, and Lin Peng on the right holding the 2-stringed traditional Chinese instrument - the erhu - and a bow wearing a black and red outfit..

    Celebrating Sanctuary: Niwel Tsumbu and Ling Peng

  14. An adult wearing a yellow head band stands in front of an orange wall with a protest sign by their side reading "power to the people".

    Orlando: My Political Biography

  15. A teenager with longer hair looks at a woman, resting their head on her shoulder.

    Disability On Film: What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

  16. An orhestra of around a dozen musicians playing lots of different instruments in front of a seated audience.

    Surge Orchestra: Family jam and workshops

  17. A cartoon dog (Odie) looks shocked and drops a tennis ball seeing a grump orange cat (Garfield) puffed up into a big circle shape.

    The Garfield Movie

  18. A person is staring directly into the camera, with an orange background

    Chai and Chat: Acts of Creation

  19. MAC Makes Music: Dynamic Sounds

  20. A teenage girl with snow in her dark hair looks sideways at the camera.

    About Dry Grasses

  21. A child and an adult are in the forest, arranging fabric dangling from a rope to make a den

    Green Futures: Den Day with Ampersand

  22. A man with glasses and a moustache (Gene Hackman) sits at a desk operating old fashioned recording equipment.

    4K Film: The Conversation

  23. A young girl (left) looks at a giant purple smiling monster (right) in a library.


  24. YolanDa Brown holds up a hand to their ear and wears a brightly coloured jacket - there are lots of children in front of them and a band in the background.

    YolanDa's Band Jam