List of Events

  1. A main in a pink suit and wearing a bow tie in front of a pink background.

    Stephen Bailey: Crass

  2. A black and white photo featuring a younger man in a suit staring at a collection of toy soldiers on horseback that he is holding in the palm of his hand.

    Kaleidoscope: Old School Days

  3. A smiling man (director John Waters) sits on a red sofa in his apartment. He is surrounded by books and one of the cushions has a picture of a burning police car on it.

    Scala!!! + Q&A

  4. Text 'Queer My Throat by Generation Q' in the top left corner in an orange spiky circle. Artwork pictures of each artist in a circle against a black background. The artist's illustrations are: A person in a black shirt and black hat, a person with red hair and pink eyeshadow in a vibrant top, a person taking a selfie on a phone with brown long hair, a person in a wheelchair smiling with long blonde hair and their arms open, a person in a cowboy hat and sunglasses with a red feather boa, a person in a cowboy hat with black curly hair, a person with red short hair and blue eyes. On the right is a microphone being held in a hand with rainbow colours, with the text 'Make Some Noise' and an orange star in the background.

    Generation Q: Queer My Throat

  5. Fallen Leaves

  6. Colour Box: The Last Unicorn

  7. a table with various colourful cards, prints, tote bags laid out for purchase

    MAC's Arts Market

  8. Hamlet

  9. A Bangladeshi man holds out his hand for some food from a woman, who is placing the food into his palm.


  10. A man's body lies sprawled in the snow, blood pooled around his head. A woman and her young son stand next to it. The boy is looking away and the mother is on a mobile phone.

    Anatomy Of A Fall

  11. A group of young men in white vests with the red letters USA printed on them carry an orange rowing boat.

    The Boys In The Boat

  12. Shôn Dale-Jones: Cracking

    Theatre and Dance
  13. NT Live: Vanya

  14. Group of women sing in a busy room to a cheering and smiling crowd.

    In Her Shoes: International Women's Day Workshop

  15. Two smiling women (Jessie Buckley and Olivia Colman) walk along a windswept beach.

    Wicked Little Letters

  16. A large red sculpture made from plastic is on grass and surrounded by trees

    Spring exhibitions: Opening event

  17. An elderly Native American man holds up a feather. He is stood by a fence with a horse tied to it and is surrounded by a wintry landscape.


  18. Three men looking forwards, one is wearing a hat and one has a violin.

    McGoldrick, McCusker, Doyle

  19. A women's head, up to her neck in a pile of betting chips.

    Hannah Walker: Gamble

    Theatre and Dance
  20. The Settlers

  21. Two young children (a boy and a girl) stand in a snowy forest wearing disturbing masks, looking directly at the camera.

    Disability On Film: Black Sun

  22. Three women and one man in 19th century dress stand at a kitchen table. The man is preparing a meal, holding a slab of beef.

    The Taste of Things

  23. Almodóvar On The Edge: KS5 Spanish Study Day (certificate 15)

  24. A man at a podium wearing a suit gesturing with his hands.

    Matt Chorley: Poll Dancer