Upcoming events

  1. Milton Jones appears inside a black star on a gold background holding a mic straight up with an outstretched arm. The words "Ha! Milton Jones" appear in front.

    Milton Jones: Ha!Milton Work In Progress

  2. Acts of Creation: Video Programme

  3. Niwel Tsumbu on the left playing a guitar in a colourful shirt, and Lin Peng on the right holding the 2-stringed traditional Chinese instrument - the erhu - and a bow wearing a black and red outfit..

    Celebrating Sanctuary: Niwel Tsumbu and Ling Peng


Cinema highlights

  1. A Syrian man is on his knees with his hand behind his head, his young daughter next to him. A soldier is stood near him, his hands out in a placating gesture.

    Green Border

  2. A man in a blue shirt and tie (Jesse Plemons) lies on the lap of a woman (Hong Chau) in a white dressing gown. They both stare vacantly into space.

    Kinds Of Kindness

  3. A small piglet stares at the camera whilst more piglets snuffle behind it in the mud.



Creative courses

  1. A persons hands are moulding clay on a pottery wheel

    Introduction to Wheelwork Weekend (ASC53)

  2. A paper mache lizard creature is covered in chains holding a green bottle

    Time Travelling Camp (CSC236)

  3. Wheelwork: Tea Bowls with Yin Yang