Upcoming events

  1. Mark Thomas stands by a mic stand wearing a tracksuit top and gesturing with his fists.

    Mark Thomas: Gaffa Tapes - Warm Up

  2. Several musicians play Irish traditional music and a woman in blue dress dances in front.

    The Irish House Party

  3. A male dancer jumps high in the air with his legs split and arms stretched out, as three more men wearing the same white t shirt and the dancer stand and watch leaning against a brick wall.

    Autin Dance Theatre: free dance workshops


Cinema highlights

  1. A man lies in some grass with his ahead resting on his arm, whilst a woman lies next to him, holding his other hand.

    That They May Face The Rising Sun

  2. Two men and one woman (Imogen Poots) in 1970s clothing hold their fists up.


  3. A Vietnamese girl stares directly into the camera, clutching a scarf around her neck. A bombed out building sits in the background.

    The Little Girl of Hanoi + Live musical response


Creative courses

  1. Introduction to Life Writing (Summer)

  2. Exposure II: Digital Photography (Summer)

  3. Japanese Sashiko Stitched Rice Bag