About our events

Two images. On the left a baby in a cinema smiling, on the right a young girl in a cinema watching a film

Enabling parents to enjoy screenings of popular films in our cinema with their babies (under 12 months). We offer a relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity to get out of the house and meet other parents.

Our cinema facilities are adapted appropriately, with the noise turned down, lights turned up and ample buggy parking space.

List of Events

  1. Wearing a denim shirt, Bob Marley (played by Kingsley Ben-Adir) sings into a microphone whilst holding a guitar.

    Cinema Bambino: One Love

  2. A group of people in a science lab (including Finn Wolfhard and Dan Ackroyd) watch James Acaster's tech geek use a prod to pick up a golden orb, which is sitting in a glass case.

    Cinema Bambino - Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire