List of Events

  1. Wheelwork (Summer)

  2. Coloured Clays, Porcelain and Basic Mould Making (Summer)

  3. Ceramic Forms: Natural Inspiration (Summer)

  4. Wheelwork (Summer)

  5. Wheelwork for Beginners and Improvers (Summer)

  6. Ceramic Forms: Natural Inspiration (Summer)

  7. Wheelwork for Beginners (Summer)

  8. Introduction to Ceramics (Summer)

  9. A collection of items - including coasters, a terracotta pot and a plaque - decorated with brightly coloured mosaic tiles.

    Introduction to Outdoor Mosaics

  10. Wheelwork: Tableware (Summer)

  11. Wheelwork for Beginners (Summer)

  12. Ceramics Workshop (Summer)

  13. Wheelwork: Asymmetric Forms (Summer)

  14. Wheelwork for Beginners and Improvers (Summer)

  15. Contemporary Ceramics (Summer)

  16. Ceramic Garden Sculpture (Summer)

  17. Figurative Sculpture (Summer)

  18. Introduction to Handbuilt Ceramics (Summer)

  19. Introduction to Ceramics (Summer)

  20. Introduction to Wheelwork for Beginners (Summer)

  21. Introduction to Ceramics (Summer)

  22. Ceramic Forms & Sculpture (Summer)

  23. Introduction to Ceramics (Summer)

  24. Explore Ceramic Forms and Surface Decoration (Summer)