A close up drawing of a face, with someone using a pencil to shade the lips

About Introduction to Portraiture for Young People (YP09 Spring)

Develop your practice and gain new techniques in the art of portrait making. Build your art portfolio and sketchbooks in a nurturing environment designed to increase your confidence in this specific area of making.

What you will learn on this course?

Portraiture is one of the oldest genres in art history but it can feel challenging to produce a likeness of a person. Working from a life model, photographs and mirrors we’ll breakdown approaches and techniques to portraiture in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

This course is designed to compliment young peoples’ art practice and as they work towards exams or for those who want time and space to enjoy creating art and deepen their artistic practice. You’ll learn from a practicing artist and your peers, gaining support from like-minded young people.

The course will have a semi structured format allowing for self-directed portfolio development.

The course will include the following areas;

  • Introduction to observation
  • Working with a (clothed) life model
  • Exploring self-portraiture
  • Exploring photography portraits
  • Encourage students to think critically about their work and take part in ‘crits’ where students respectfully review others work.
  • Building a portfolio of art work and portfolio reviews.
  • Identify skills gaps.
  • Develop successful sketchbooks and help students to create their own visual language and artistic style.
  • Build confidence.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for children aged 13 to 17 years. It is open to all ability levels and young people don’t need any previous experience. We provide a learning support worker and all our staff are DBS checked. Parents are not expected to accompany children on the course.

The course is accessible for young people of all abilities who can participate in practical art and craft activities. The room is wheelchair accessible. A parent or carer may assist their child if required but must book a complimentary ticket if attending to provide support. Please contact us to discuss your specific access needs.

Age ranges are set carefully to consider key age developments, materials being used, and course stimulus. It is very important that age ranges are not too large or across key stages and therefore need to be adhered to.

Do you need to bring anything?

All course materials and equipment are provided

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs for this course.

Who teaches this course?

Georgia Chapman

Dates and times

  • January – April 2025